Finding Joy When Joy is Hard to Find

I am a task-oriented, highly pragmatic, and seriously focused Marine/Leader of Leaders, but even the most serious people deserve joy in their lives.

I was challenged by a coach and friend, Angelo Sisco of Alpha Hippie to practice more celebrating in order to experience more joy. It probably would not have been challenged if I didn’t prioritize joy as one of my top five most important values.

My top five values are Faith, Love, Hope, Forgiveness, and Joy in order. I have 13 values that I hold with the utmost highest esteem, so when he asked me which one of my top five were the most difficult for me, I had to be honest and admit that I have a tough time experiencing joy.

I get so focused on tasks, actions, and discipline, that when awesome things happen in my life, I don’t stop, reflect, or celebrate, I move to the next item that needs my attention.

This is a blessing and a curse. It has helped me achieve some radical things in my life, and I know how to execute…but what for?

Obviously, I believe in my purpose, and I believe that everything I am doing, is for something greater than me, and for God…but are we supposed to remove joy?Why would joy be a fruit of the Holy Spirit, if we weren’t supposed to experience the state of joy.

Are we truly Christ-followers if we don’t have joy?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have joy in my life, but not number-five-on-my-values joy in my life.

My joy is more like a smile-and-a-fist-pump-from-time-to-time type of joy.

I know my wife and children will lavish in a joyful increase from my part of the house.

I know that my friends, teams, and extended family will appreciate more joy from my calls, conversations, and celebrations.

I am all in on this joy journey, and I would love for you to join me.

Find joy in the small things. Find joy in the large things. Create joy with a momentary breath and acknowledgement, and create joy with grandiose ceremony, full of pomp and circumstance!

Before I wrote this, I thought about the joy that I get from writing and relating to you.

I did some IG and FB live broadcasts where I talked about making a conscious decision to experience more joy in my life, and you see the above video from my YouTube channel.

I hope this helps you experience more joy in your life, and if you are looking for more information like this, please message me or comment below.

Here are five ways to implement more joy-filled opportunities in your life:

  1. Make joy and gratitude a part of your morning routine or daily regimen.
  2. Take a moment before you start a task to see the joy in what you are about to embark on.
  3. Take a break during a task to reflect on the joy found within the journey or process.
  4. When you finish something, think about all of the joy you had during the process of completing the task.
  5. Set up a celebration when you accomplish something to be joyful about accomplishing your task or journey or process.