Keep It Super Simple when Developing Other Leaders


Keep It Super Simple when Developing Other Leaders

My daughter had it right.

If you can explain it in a stick figure drawing than you have perfected the simplicity of the concept.

When leaders just try to get followers, they can afford to be super complex, and confusing, but if you are trying to develop other leaders, than you must master simplifying complex concepts.

Here are 7 ways to help you simplify complexity for better development of your leaders:

  1. Draw it on a napkin
  2. Use sticky notes
  3. Can you teach it to a 3rd grader?
  4. Only use 1 minute to explain it
  5. Are your leaders able to convey it to their teams?
  6. Have your team of leaders teach it back to you
  7. Use only a whiteboard

Once you teach one simple concept that your developing leaders can easily understand and use in their leadership, you can now layer on more concepts.

This is what allows you to deliver more development and compound your leadership through your other leaders.